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About Us

New England College of Technology (NECT) was established in January 2009 and became a Registered Training Organisaton (RTO) in May 2009 to deliver Automotive and Small Business Management courses.

The College has since progressively grown adding more courses to its scope. The College currently provides courses in three vital industries core to the Australian economy, i.e. Automotive, Construction and Management. These three broad fields are considered as the pillars of any economy and NECT provides you the opportunity to understand and better these concepts. The College also has other various competitive courses that would help you realise your dreams.

"It takes courage to snatch an opportunity but it takes faith to realise and achieve ones' goals"
(Vivian Lobo, NECT Student)

The staff at NECT helps you make that difference and we help you realise your panache making you a valuable asset in these industries. Our core value of Educational Excellence ensures that we pave a path towards constantly excelling in the way we deliver our courses, reiterating our motto "Educating for Life".

NECT's currency in training and assessment methodology ensures that there is an easier transition into the industry. Constant networking has enriched our invaluable experience and aids in our constant excellence. Each of these courses focus on the following:


Be the most reputed Vocational Training organization in Australia by lifelong education, delivering leaders and responsible members for the community.


New England College of Technology pursues the development of lifelong learning along with the delivery of confident, responsible and contributing members of society. This is achieved by excelling in knowledge generation, adoption of the best available resources and a solid management team creating diverse opportunities across the industry.


New England College of Technology (NECT) is committed to its four core values of educational excellence, integrity, respect and community. We believe these values are the pillars for lifelong learning, and critical for members of a society to adapt to challenges, changing needs of communities and personal development.


  • Educational Excellence
    We value academic excellence and an educational climate that stimulates intellectual, professional, and personal development. We embrace instructional and technological innovation and creativity to maintain a vital and growing education environment. We encourage members of the NECT community to have high aspirations and achievements for all as they strive for excellence.

  • Integrity
    We expect and consistently stand for integrity, ethical behavior, and personal responsibility. We actively embrace and courageously fulfill our mission statement through honest, fair, and caring professional relationships.

  • Respect
    We advocate and respect diverse viewpoints, perspectives, cultures, and values. We adhere to the doctrines of academic freedom and free speech. We protect the exploration of ideas and encourage inquiry by students, faculty, and staff. We believe in open, honest interpersonal interactions. We affirm the human element in education, acknowledging that mentoring motivates, supports, and encourages excellence.

  • Community
    We listen to both individuals and corporate members of the community and value their input and support in shaping programs and services. Our success is measured by the quality and timeliness of our response and service to the community.



I found the right path towards my career destination after joining NECT. It was a great experience.

(Hasan Ali, NECT Student)